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4 hour training program


The majority of confined space deaths occur due to atmospheric conditions, including a lack of oxygen, the presence of flammable gases or the presence of toxic gases.

As a result, proper air sampling before and during the entry is a matter of life and death.

Unfortunately air sampling is not always performed as part of standard confined space entry procedures. Even when it is performed, the sampling may be performed incorrectly, the equipment may not be properly calibrated or the readings could be misunderstood.

Given these concerns, the need for well-trained personnel using the right equipment in the proper manner is obvious.


Training Objectives:

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify legal requirements for testing the atmosphere in a confined space.

  • Identify the appropriate tests to be taken before and during entry. Interpret the readings displayed on the instrumentation.

  • Calibrate air sampling devices.

  • Determine potential solutions to air quality issues within a confined space.


Target Audience:
  • Workers and Associates entering a confined space Confined space

  • Attendants Supervisors and Managers

  • Health and Safety Committee Members


Course Length and Options:

This is a ½ day (4 hour) training session. The program can be conducted using the client’s instrumentation, providing that the client has suitable air sampling equipment and calibration supplies in good working order.

If time permits, participants may have the opportunity to conduct air sampling activities at their site.

This program may be conducted in conjunction with the 4 hour Introduction to Confined Space Entry course.


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