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Some frequently requested topics covered by our “Let’s Talk Safety” program include:


  • Work Refusal and Stoppages

  • Reporting Unsafe Conditions

  • Safety Awareness

  • Hazard Recognition

  • Employee/Employer Rights/Responsibilities

  • Fire Prevention

  • Fire Extinguisher Use

  • Workplace Inspection

  • Spill Response

  • Fall Prevention/Fall Protection

  • WHMIS/Safe Chemical Handling

  • Propane Safety

  • Safe Battery Handling

  • Personal Security

  • Housekeeping

  • Slip, Trip and Fall Prevention

  • Confined Space Entry

  • Home Safety

  • Safe Ladder Use


Our consultants can work with you to customize any of the above topics, or develop “Let’s Talk Safety” packages from scratch, unique to your company and industry.


Safety Meeting Information Packages

The departmental safety meeting is a critical and yet often neglected element of any safety program.  These meetings provide the opportunity for supervisors, managers and safety personnel to introduce and reinforce key safety concepts.  A well-run meeting can help ensure critical information is presented in an effective manner and it can assist with establishing a position of due diligence by ensuring workers are acquainted with hazards and related safeguards.


When you consider the amount of time and resources directed toward the monthly safety meeting, (i.e. labour-costs for time spent at the meeting, prep-time required by the meeting presenter, safety or human-resources personnel, etc.) it only makes sense that you ensure these meetings have the positive impact you need.


STACS Inc. proudly introduces its newest service, a line of safety meeting information packages called “Let’s Talk Safety”.  Each “Let’s Talk Safety”package provides the meeting presenter with an informative and easy-to-present meeting guide.  A few moments of preparation by the meeting facilitator (to ensure the information is work-site-specific), and the meeting is ready to go.


“Let’s Talk Safety” information packages can be generic (i.e. off the shelf) or customized to suit your specific needs.  Our consultants can work with you, at your facility, to ensure each presentation reflects the actual processes, safety requirements and terminology unique to your operation.


All presentation are designed to be interactive and easy to use, eliminating much of the stress involved with making a group presentation.   The three-part format of each “Let’s Talk Safety” package ensures a consistent and effective approach to each meeting.

  1. The meeting facilitator presents some background information concerning the meeting topic.

  2. The meeting participants discuss how the topic relates to specific work areas, processes or equipment.

  3. Now that participants understand how the topic directly affects them, the facilitator leads the group through a review of safeguards and procedures relating to the topic.


All of the information you need is at your fingertips.  ”Let’s Talk Safety” makes it that easy!


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