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4 or 8 hour training programs


On an ever increasing basis, provincial Ministries / Departments of Labour are aggressively enforcing health and safety legislation. This enforcement specifically targets corporations as well as individuals.

Understanding, interpreting and implementing the minimum legal requirements applicable to your workplace and workplace activities can be a daunting task.

Many employers are unaware of the requirement to be in compliance with multiple pieces of legislation, ranging from provincial Occupational Health & Safety Acts and Regulations to federal requirements established under Bill C-45.

This program helps participants to become competent with respect to understanding and applying the applicable legislation.

This program can be tailored to the specific legislation within each province across Canada.

Training Objectives:

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the layout and format of applicable legislation.

  • Interpret specific requirements of the legislation, including issues such as machine guarding, safety committee functions, Inspector functions and powers, enforcement and prosecution options, general duties of employers, supervisors and workers, etc.

  • Review their specific workplace performance against relevant legal requirements.

Target Audience:
  • Senior Executives,

  • Workers, Supervisors and Managers,

  • Health & Safety Committee Members

Course Length and Options:

This session is typically offered in a full-day (8-hour) format. A shorter version (4-hour) is offered as a refresher for individuals that have had prior training in this area. In addition, either the 8-hour for 4-hour session can be customized to specifically address a target audience (i.e. Senior Executives versus Supervisors, Supervisors versus Workers, etc.).

All participants that successfully complete the program will be provided with a Record of Training (ROT).

This training meets the Ontario Safety Awareness for Supervisors requirement (Regulation 297/13).

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