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4 hour training program


The Joint Health and Safety Committee is the backbone of an organization’s Internal Responsibility System. Although their formation and meetings are legally required, the effectiveness of the committee is often lacking.

There are often a number of reasons behind this lack of effectiveness. They can be traced back to little or no training for committee members and an incorrect perception of their duties and scope of responsibilities.

Every safety program can benefit from a functional and effective Committee.


Training Objectives:
Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:
  • Identify and understand applicable legislative requirements.

  • Understand barriers to an effective Health and Safety Committee.

  • Review the specific roles of committee members.

  • Improve their ability to make effective recommendations regarding workplace safety issues.


Target Audience:
  • Supervisors and Managers,

  • Health & Safety Committee Members.


Course Length and Options:

This session is typically offered in a half-day (4-hour) format.

An additional ½-day course (i.e. Workplace Inspection, Accident Investigation) can be added to this session in order to make up a full-day training program.

Please note that this course alone does not satisfy the legal requirements for a Certified Safety Committee Member under the Ontario Occupational Health & Safety Act. STACS Inc. can assist with Part I and Part II Certification for Ontario Committee Members.

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