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ZERO ENERGY STATE (Lock out / Tag Out)

4 hour training program


Zero Energy State (formerly referred to as Lock Out/ Tag Out) injuries and deaths are considered to be among the worst types of injuries experienced in any industry. Injuries range from minor pinch or crush issues all the way to amputations and death.

This program will provide employees with the knowledge necessary to protect themselves against unplanned or inadvertent start-up or movement of equipment while performing maintenance, repairs, cleaning or adjustments.

Participants will learn how to recognize potential sources of energy and how to protect themselves against an unwanted release of that energy / accidental start-up of equipment.


Training Objectives:

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand what Zero Energy State is and why it is so important.

  • Understand applicable regulatory requirements (federal or provincial, based on client requirements).

  • Identify energy sources.

  • Understand the different between Zero Energy State and Lockout.

  • Identify specific accountabilities and expectations of employers and employees.

  • Understand applicable options for achieving Zero Energy State.

  • Describe and be able to avoid Zero Energy State pitfalls.


Target Audience:
  • All employees & Associates who may be required to use lockout equipment,

  • Managers, Supervisors, Team Leaders and Lead Hands,

  • Health & Safety Committee Members.


Course Length and Options:

This session is typically offered in a half-day (4-hour).

The course can be customized to reflect the client’s specific equipment as well as client-specific procedures, permits, etc.

Participants that successfully complete the program will be issued a Record of Training (ROT).

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