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8 or 16 hour training programs


Use of lifting devices within Ontario is regulated within the Occupational Health & Safety Act & associated Regulations. A lifting device operator must be a Competent Person as defined by the Act.

Our Overhead Crane Operation training program is designed to not only assist our clients with ensuring their legal compliance, but to provide operators with the information and skills necessary, to prevent accidents, reduce equipment damage and increase productivity.

Seasoned and novice crane operators alike, will benefit from the information concerning basic crane construction, rigging, crane controls, load swing, pre-operational inspections and safe operating practices.

Operators are given both a written test and a hands-on practical evaluation within the scope of this training program.


Training Objectives:

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify all major crane components.

  • Explain the function of the major components.

  • Explain and apply all recommended safety procedures.

  • Perform all recommended operating procedures.

  • Correctly make precision lifts.

  • Perform detailed inspections of the crane and its components.


Target Audience:
  • Crane Operators,

  • Personnel responsible for supervising crane operators.


Course Length and Options:

This full-day certification training program can be customized to suit each client’s specific workplace needs and equipment. Extensive hands-on training is provided within the 2-day program option. STACS Inc. also offers re-certification program options.

A Record of Training (ROT) is provided upon successful completion of the program. Wallet cards are also provided for each operator.

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