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4 or 8 hour training programs


Regardless of the effectiveness of any Health and Safety Program, downgrading accidents or near-miss incidents may occur at any time. This program is designed to provide the participant with the skills required to conduct a basic investigation in order to identify contributing causes and to prevent reoccurrence. The training session emphasizes the difference between investigating an accident versus simply reporting the accident.


Training Objectives:

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Define key terms associated with the investigation process.

  • Outline the purpose of conducting an investigation.

  • Define Immediate as well as Root (underlying) Causes.

  • Understand the legislative requirements associated with specific types of accidents and incidents.

  • Determine the workplace parties that need to be involved in an investigation.

  • Review and have the opportunity to apply accident causation models, including; 5-Why Analysis, Domino Theory, Fishbone Diagram, etc.


Target Audience:
  • Supervisors and Managers,

  • Joint Health & Safety Committee Members,

  • Technical resources, including; Safety Managers & Coordinators, Maintenance Personnel, etc.


Course Length and Options:

The half-day (4-hour) training session is intended as an introduction to the topic of accident and incident investigation. The full-day (8-hour) training session is intended for participants that require a more thorough understanding of the investigation process as well as additional time to use the investigation process in classroom workshops.

This course can be tailored to reflect client-specific policies, procedures and investigation forms.

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