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4 or 8 hour training programs


Workplace inspections are a key function of the Joint Health and Safety Committee as well as an integral responsibility for every organization’s supervisory staff.

The completion of workplace inspections not only enhances health and safety performance but also satisfies applicable legal requirements (both federal as well as provincial).

From a proactive perspective, effective workplace inspections provide the opportunity to identify and control workplace hazards before they have the opportunity to contribute to a loss.


Training Objectives:

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify regulatory references and requirements pertaining to workplace inspections.

  • Understand the importance of inspection team members.

  • Develop inspection standards and an inspection protocol.

  • Assemble the necessary aids for the conduction of inspections.

  • Practice observation and intervention techniques.

Target Audience:
  • All Staff and associates who may participate in a Workplace Inspection

  • Supervisors and Managers

  • Joint Health & Safety Committee Members.


Course Length and Options:

This session is typically offered in a half-day (4-hours) or full-day (8 hours) format. The half-day format is provided in the classroom only. The full-day format allows the opportunity for participants to utilize the information presented in the classroom session in real-life inspection exercises in the afternoon. Hands-on use of the theoretical information is strongly recommended as a part of this training program.

This program can be offered on either a generic format or can be customized to suit specific client needs by incorporating the client’s photographs, policies, procedures and inspection forms.

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