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1-3 day training programs


In Ontario, at least one management member and one labour member of a company’s Joint Health and Safety Committee must be certified. Certification involves a 2-part process:

  • Part I is a generic training session provided through a variety of Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) approved trainers. STACS Inc. can coordinate Part I training for clients; see the contact information at the bottom of this page.

  • Part II involves training on the Significant Hazards in the Committee Member’s workplace. As a result of this requirement, Part II Training is customized to each client’s specific needs.

Training Objectives:

The training subjects will be specific to each client, based on their Significant Hazard Inventory. However Certification Part II Training sessions can cover topics such as:

  • Lock Out,

  • Machine Guarding,

  • Ergonomics,

  • Electrical Hazards,

  • Lifting Devices,

  • Fall Protection and Prevention,

  • Chemical Hazards / Occupational Hygiene Programs.


Target Audience:
  • Supervisors, Managers, Associates & other personnel requiring Certification.

  • Personnel that do not require Certification, but who require additional knowledge about hazards in their workplace.


Course Length and Options:

This session length will vary depending on the list of Significant Hazards identified. Generally speaking, 2-3 days of training are required to address the Significant Hazards in a typical workplace.

STACS Inc. can assist in the identification of Significant Hazards within any workplace. Once the Significant Hazard Inventory is complete, STACS Inc. can provide a specific list of training topics as well as a training schedule in order to achieve Part II Certification.

STACS Inc. will submit a Record of Training (ROT) to the WSIB for Certification purposes upon successful completion of the training program.

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