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2 hour training program


Every day, workers across Canada suffer disabling injuries due to poor machine guarding.

Injuries can range from minor pinch or crush injuries to amputations and burns. In some cases, a lack of appropriate guarding can result in death.

Machine guarding involves more than simply installing a physical barrier between the worker and the danger area. It often requires thoughtful and innovative consideration of the relationship between the worker’s operating requirements and the need to effectively eliminate the risk of contact with harmful energy.

This program explores that relationship, focussing on workplace-specific improvements to machine guarding issues.

Training Objectives:

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the applicable legislation and standards pertaining to machine guarding.

  • Identify the specific hazards presented by industrial processes.

  • Determine effective options and solutions to machine guarding issues.

  • Understand the balance between legislative requirements and operational requirements.


Target Audience:
  • All Supervisory personnel, including; Managers, Team Leaders, Coaches, etc.

  • Maintenance Associates,

  • Workplace Inspection Teams,

  • Joint Health & Safety Committee Members


Course Length and Options:

This session is typically offered in a 2-hour format.

The presentation can be customized (via digital photographs taken at the client’s location), to reflect the specific issues and equipment, within the client’s site.

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