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Have a look at what some of our clients are saying:



I thank you for helping us take our training to the next level.  The guys can’t stop talking about it and it is so refreshing to hear positive things in regard to safety.  You left an irreversible impact that will last for some, a lifetime.  We will be working together again soon.


Have a safe day."

Shannon Johnson

Manager of Safety and Security

SSAB, Alabama Inc.

Darrin R.Steber, NRP

Construction Safety Specialist, Jacobs Technology;

NASA Safety & Mission Assurance, Stennis Space Center

"Good morning.


I took your class for a couple of days at USA in Mobile a few years ago.

Let me just say that it was the best class I have ever taken. I am sitting in day 2 of a "PFAS competent person" class at NASA.

It doesn't even come close to yours. The instructor has talked about everything but fall protection. He's a great guy, but after taking your class, you have set the bar very high.


Thank You."


"Steve, First let me say your class was one of the better certification programs that I have attended. It was precise, fun and a very enjoyable learning experience.


I came away with practical understanding of what fall prevention and protection is for as well as the regulations as they pertain to our field of work.


I am fully confident coming out of your class that we will be better equipped to operate in a more safe manner."

Ed Comer

Safety/Quality Manager

USA Metals

“Shaw Industries has been working with STAC's to conduct associate training for more than 12 years. Annually we send several hundred associates through classes with STACS.


STACS has always been excellent to work with, very flexible and accommodating of our schedule and training needs.


The training by STACS is an excellent value to our company. Our associates who attend the classes continually have positive comments on the teaching methods, the way the instructor understands the issues they face and how much they learn from the class. This keeps us going back to STACS for our training every year.

Jeff Romine, CSP , CPEA, CSMP

Senior Corporate Safety Manager, Shaw Risk Management

Shaw Industries Group Inc.

“We were extremely pleased with the Confined Space Entry training program delivered by STACS inc. Our employees were totally engaged throughout the training session.  The subject matter expertise of the STACS staff was excellent. They were able to use real life examples that enabled our employees to fully understand the necessary theory, procedures, safety measures etc associated with Confined Space Entry.I would highly recommend their services for all organizations. You will very pleased with their performance.”

C. Hollister

Mgr. Corporate Safety

Air Canada


“STACS has always provided us with a quality training product. Their instructors are bothinformative and engaging.

After attending a STACS training session for managers, one of our Senior Executives praised the training as being very worthwhile.”


Daniel Roberts

National Safety Manager Sales and Services

Schneider Electric Canada

“We have been pleased to be associated with STACS Inc. over the past 4 years. We have used their services and referred them on to other corporations for their expertise in hazard assessment and training. 


The commitment, enthusiasm, knowledge, and professionalism of the team have left us and our associates with very positive results and we look forward to continually using their services in the future.”


Patrick Michels


W. S. Safety Technologies

“The class was so amazing and I cannot thank you guys enough for what you do and the knowledge you share!”

Marci Allen

Environmental, Health and Safety Specialist


"I left my office the morning of this class dreading sitting and listening to yet another person talking about nothing they knew one thing about and discussing for 8 hours a topic they were just paid to discuss.


I have been enlightened sir. I am 55 years old, as a young man I was a civil engineer. Changed professions and became an Ironworker, I have been 1,100’ off the ground working heavy construction. Changed professions again and got into the steel mills and have remained in the mills for 30 years now.


I learned more in your 8 hours class then all the years combined working many hours with a safety harness around my butt. I am most impressed sir!"




“We recently sent one of our maintenance techs to attend your Competent Person Fall Protection Training at CORE Safety here in Chattanooga.


He was very impressed with the course and came back excited and ready to pass along what he had learned (which in his own words was “ A LOT!”).

Jonathan Pappas

Safety and Quality Manager

Southern Champion Tray

“The Consultants at STACS go far beyond just a safety consulting role.  Our Consultant, Mr. Brian Fish is extremely determined and personally committed to helping us improve our safety culture.


Training has been very effective and his hands-on involvement with our leadership and employees throughout the operation has been invaluable. True partnership!"

Mike McCarthy

Vice President

MHI Canada Aerospace Inc.

“We partner with the experts at STACS when we need specialized assistance with health & safety issues. Good service, quality work, and very reliable. Highly recommended.”

Mr Brian Cassidy

Senior Manager Health & Safety

Hudson’s Bay Company

“From the onset of my initial training performed by STACS in Toronto, I was impressed by the quality, professionalism and commitment of the firms personnel.


Over the last few years STACS has responded quickly and effectively to the training needs of my department specifically in terms of ease of access and response, professional and quality presentations.”


Art Fuller

Health and Safety Manager


David B. Fogarty CHRP,

CRSPManager, Health, Safety and Environment

KTM Locks / Magna International

“Since the late 1990’s I have had the pleasure of working with STACS Inc. when there was a need for health and safety training within the organization that I was working with.

STACS Inc. has lead the charge in a number of those organizations to lead us to the next level in Health and Safety.

STACS Inc.'s ability to deliver cost effective training that meets the organizations objectives is the corner stone of their success.”

“For several years I have used the services offered by STACs and have appreciated the invaluable client support that they provide. When required they have provided additional resources to meet aggressive timelines. The personnel are very professional, punctual, and as a bonus, they’re fun!”

Kim Rombough, B.Sc., C.R.S.P.

Environmental Health & Safety Manager

“STACS technical expertise and field experience yields a classroom setting both informative and interesting. We build our training schedule based on their availability.”


Chad Lincoln

Health and Safety Manager

PJ Dick / Trumbull Construction

“The Instructors at STACS are very professional, and knowledgeable. Our clients appreciate the considerable “hands-on” experience they bring to each training session. Courses are very thorough, and extremely interesting. The practical component reinforces the information that is shared by the Instructors. When we make inquiries, you respond very quickly, allowing us to respond in a timely manner to our clients. Your Instructors have been in the field, dealing with real problems and issues related to OH&S. They have not simply read a book. Great attention and time is put into the customized course creation, making the courses effective and interesting for the participants.

Our clients have also commented (as we have noticed) that when humour is interjected, it creates a friendly, positive environment, which enhances the potential to learn.

And, very importantly, we have only received positive client feedback from your sessions. When our customers are happy=we’re happy!

In a time when just about everyone is “Hanging the Training Shingle”,  you stand far above and apart from most.”


Jan Beattie

National Sales Manager


Alan Chan

SSE Manager

Effem Inc.

“I have had an association with STACS Inc. since 1998 and I have always found their service to be exemplary. Their use of the most current adult learning techniques and willingness to ‘push-the-boundaries’ of ‘traditional’ training have always made their seminars not only educational, but entertaining, engaging, lively and above all informative. They’re ability/willingness to customize training sessions to meet customer needs have always proven to be invaluable – as opposed to those training sessions that are cookie-cut and may not have full merit/value for your organization/site.Cost competitive, professional service with honest feedback. I have used them exclusively when I have changed organizations and I have always received positive feedback. I highly recommend them for your Safety needs, it has truly been my pleasure working with them.


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