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8 hour training program


Properly equipping a worker with the knowledge and equipment required to work at heights is only the first step. Although every effort must be made to ensure a worker does not fall, the fact is that falls can (and will) occur.

In too many cases, the lack of an effective rescue plan, rescue equipment and personnel trained on rescue places the fallen worker as well as the would-be rescuers at further risk.

This course addresses the basics of rescue from heights in a manner that allows the participants to better understand the proper use and practical application of rescue equipment as well as different rescue protocols.


Training Objectives:

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the legal requirements related to rescuing a fallen worker.Inspect their rescue equipment.

  • Understand key rescue issues, including the importance of timing, selection of equipment, medical issues, organizational issues and rescue planning.

  • Identify, review and evaluate rescue protocols.

  • Practice mock rescue workshops.


Target Audience
  • Workers and Associates who use fall protection and rescue equipment.

  • Supervisors and Managers of workers and associates who use fall protection and rescue equipment.

  • Workers and associates who may require rescue from an elevated work location.


Course Length and Options:

This is a full-day (8-hour) program. It can be designed to utilize the client’s fall protection rescue equipment, policies and procedures or generic rescue equipment / protocols.

This course includes both a theoretical component and practical mock rescue workshops. Successful completion of this program will require participants to pass a written test.

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