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4 hour training program


This course addresses the basics of fall protection in a manner that allows the end user to better understand their equipment and their fall protection applications.

The program briefly reviews the current regulatory requirements, the components of a fall protection system and the critical concepts when using fall protection equipment.

This course tends to focus more on the hands-on exercises where the participants will each inspect, don and learn how to fit a full body harness. Participants will also handle and become familiar with a variety of anchor connectors, shock absorbing lanyards and retractables.


Training Objectives:

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify fall hazards and outline examples of fall prevention versus fall protection, including Fall Restraint, Positioning and Fall Arrest.

  • Identify key components (referred to as the ABC’s) of fall protection equipment.

  • Describe legislative requirements for fall prevention and protection.

  • Understand how to calculate fall clearance distance.

  • Outline methods to minimize fall arrest forces.

  • Demonstrate proper inspection, donning and use of a full body harness as well as associated equipment (i.e. fixed lanyards, self-retracting lanyards, cross-arm straps, etc.).


Target Audience:
  • Workers and Associates who use fall protection equipment.

  • Managers and Supervisors of associates using fall protection equipment.


Course Length and Options:

This is a half-day (4-hour) awareness level program. The program is offered on-site and can be designed to utilize the client’s fall protection equipment as well as their site-specific procedures.

Successful completion of this program will require participants to pass a written test.

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