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8 hour training program


This 8-hour program is an extension of our 4-hour Authorized Person session, providing an extensive review of current regulatory requirements as well as an introduction to fall prevention applications.

This training program addresses the basics of fall protection, but does so in a manner that allows the managing supervisor as well as the end user to make better decisions regarding fall protection.


Training Objectives:

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify fall hazards and outline examples of fall prevention versus fall protection, including Fall Restraint, Positioning and Fall Arrest.

  • Identify key components (referred to as the ABC’s) of fall protection equipment.

  • Describe legislative requirements for fall prevention and protection.

  • Understand how to calculate fall clearance distance.Outline methods to minimize fall arrest forces.

  • Demonstrate proper inspection, donning and use of a full body harness as well as associated equipment (i.e. fixed lanyards, self-retracting lanyards, cross-arm straps, etc.).


Target Audience:
  • Workers and Associates who use fall protection equipment on a regular basis.

  • Personnel that supervise working at height activities.

  • Personnel seeking competency in fall protection.


Course Length and Options:

The program is designed on a multimedia platform, combining discussions and question-and-answer sessions with workshops and hands-on exercises.

All courses require the participant to pass a written evaluation in order to receive their certificate of completion.

The program may be offered on site and can be designed to utilize the client’s fall protection equipment or generic fall protection equipment.

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