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3 day training program


Falling from heights is the number one cause of death in construction and the number two cause of death in general industry. In consideration of these devastating statistics as well as clear legal requirements for protecting workers, the need for an effective Working at Heights (WAH) program is critical within any organization.

An effective WAH program has a number of core components, including policies and procedures, proper selection / use of equipment and effective worker training.

This Train-The-Trainer (TTT) Program provides the participants with advanced technical knowledge of fall protection and prevention issues as well as the soft skills required to effectively deliver a training program.


Training Objectives:

Upon completion of this training program, participants will:

  • Understand when a fall hazard existsIdentify fall prevention & fall protection options.

  • Identify core components of fall protection systems.

  • Understand applicable legislative requirements.

  • Be able to calculate fall clearances.

  • Understand how to minimize fall arrest forces.

  • Demonstrate competency with equipment inspectionIdentify challenges and options for a rescue program.

  • Understand and apply key concepts in effective training techniques, including preparation of a training plan, classroom set-up, effective communication and adult learning techniques.


Target Audience:

This program is designed for individuals requiring an advanced level of knowledge of WAH issues as well as those required to provide training on WAH. Specifically, this may include:

  • Technical Trainers

  • Managers or Supervisors

  • Safety Specialists

  • Safety Committee Members


Course Length and Options:

This is a 3-day program (total of 24 hours of class time) that will encompass classroom lectures and workshops, hands-on use of equipment and mock presentations (by all participants) of fall protection training.

The program may be customized to reflect the client’s fall protection equipment as well as client-specific procedures. Clients may choose to develop their own WAH training program following the training session or purchase a (customized) training program from STACS Inc.

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