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8 hour training program


As an Approved WAH Training Provider, STACS is prepared to deliver a comprehensive 8 hour training program to a variety of target audiences. This program includes an extensive review of current WAH regulatory requirements and industry best practices, as well as fall prevention techniques.


Participants will be introduced to the various components commonly used in a personal fall protection system (PFPS) through workshops and hands-on exercises (e.g. selection, inspection, donning, etc.).


Training Objectives:

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify fall hazards and outline fall prevention and fall protection options, including Travel Restraint, Fall Restriction and Fall Arrest.

  • Identify and properly select / inspect the key components (referred to as the ABC’s) of a PFPS.

  • Understand how to calculate fall clearance distance and utilize methods to minimize fall arrest forces.

  • Demonstrate the proper inspection, donning and use of a full body harness, as well as associated equipment (i.e. fixed lanyards, self-retracting lanyards, cross-arm straps, etc.).

  • Explain the proper and safe use of portable ladders and PFPS used in mobile elevated work platforms.

  • Understand the effects of fall forces when applied to the body, as well as outline rescue options and requirements.


Target Audience:
  • Workers who work at heights / use fall protection equipment

  • Managers and Supervisors of workers who work at heights / use fall protection equipment.

  • Persons responsible for the selection / purchase of the components used in a PFPS.


Course Length and Options:

This is a full-day (8-hour) program.  The program is offered on-site and can be designed to utilize the client’s fall protection equipment as well as site-specific procedures.


Successful completion of this program will require participants to pass a written test.  A Record of Training (ROT) will be issued to participants that successfully complete the program.

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