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Genie (A Terex Brand) Safety Notice

SAFETY ALERT- Genie: safety notice 120011

Date: November 5, 2012

Models Affected: GS-3390, GS-4390 and GS-5390 equipped with the Oscillaating Axle System

Issue: Genie has determined that the oscillating axle system used on the above referenced machines can malfunction. The oscillate axles will continue to oscillate after driving a machine, with the platform raised, into a depression. A machine that continues to oscillate after driving into a depression can become unstable resulting in the machine tipping over.

Action Required: This safety notice requires modification of the wiring in the drive manifold.

1. Locate all the machines within the models and serial ranges referenced above [and in link below].

2. Order the wire harness kit: P/N 21752

Installation of the wire harness must take place as soon as possible but no later than 30 days from receipt of the kit.

For a full listing of serial numbers affected and complete safety notice information click on link: Safety Alert- Genie- Nov 2012

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