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MOL News- STACS Inc. can help YOU make business sense of health and safety in Ontario

An Integrated Occupational Health and Safety Strategy for Ontario

In December 2009, four construction workers lost their lives and another was seriously injured in a workplace incident. Following this tragedy, the Minister of Labour appointed an Expert Advisory Panel to review Ontario’s occupational health and safety system. The Panel, including representatives of organized labour, employers and the academic community, consulted province-wide and released its report with 46 recommendations in December 2010.

The government accepted all 46 recommendations and moved responsibility for prevention from the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board to the Ministry of Labour. This included the creation of the new position of a new Chief Prevention Officer, a Prevention Council and a Prevention Organization.

Ontario is developing its first province-wide occupational health and safety strategy to establish a clear vision, goals and priorities that will guide our work in the years ahead. This document is meant to generate discussion and collect feedback and ideas for developing the strategy.

As the Ministry of Labour continues to assist Ontario in its health and safety evolution, STACS Inc. can help you understand your new responsibilities under the recently established CSA Z1001 Health and Safety standards and prepare your workplace for the similar MOL standards that will soon follow in late 2013.

Visit the MOL for a full review of the consultation paper:


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